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 lst Whitetail Hunting Guide (with Merriam Turkey Hunting) Apr 14 - Apr 25 lst Basic Program Apr 28 - May 9 lst Pro Hunting Guide May 12 - May 23 2nd Whitetail Hunting Guide Jun 2 - Jun 13 1st Fly Fishing Guide Prog. Jun 16 - Jun 27 2nd Basic Program Jul 7 - Jul 18 2nd Pro Hunting Guide Jul 21 - Aug 1 3rd Whitetail Hunting Guide Aug 4 - Aug 15 2nd Fly Fishing Guide Prog. Aug 18 - Aug 29 3rd Basic (with Archery Elk Hunt) Sept 1 - Sept 12 3rd Pro Hunting Guide (with Archery Elk Hunt) Sept 15 - Sept 26 4th Basic Program (with Rifle Elk Hunt by Drawing Only) Oct 6 - 17 4th Pro Hunting Guide (with Rifle Elk Hunt) Oct 20 - Oct 31

**** All dates subject to change ****

Required Deposits and Total Costs
Programs Deposit Total Cost
One Program Only: Basic, Hunting Guide  or Outdoor Adventure & Leadership (COALS) $1,375 $2,750
One Program Only: Whitetail Deer Hunting Guide $1,925 $3,850
Two Programs (4 weeks): Basic, Hunting Guide $2,500 $5,000
Three Programs (6 weeks): Basic, Hunting Guide or Whitetail Hunting Guide $3,750 $7,500
Four Programs (8 weeks): Basic, Hunting Guide or Whitetail Hunting Guide, Fly Fishing or Backcountry Horseman $5,000 $10,000

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