Enrollment Application

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To continue registering, please fill out both the Enrollment Contract and the Lodging and Meals Contract by clicking on each link below. The forms are submitted online as soon as you click the Submit button. Be sure to right-click on the completed form and then click PRINT to print your copy. You will also receive an acknowledgement by email showing the information you filled out.

Deposit Payment

To complete the registration, submit your Payment for the 50% deposit. You now have the option of paying by PayPal, Credit Card, or Check.

To pay by PayPal or Credit Card click the Pay Online button below. Online payment processing is easy, fast, and very secure.


If you pay by check, please send certified funds by express mail to complete your enrollment. Your deposit must be received within seven days.



Contact the school to discuss our NEW “Easy Payment” program 970-268-5205.

Here are recommended packing lists:



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