Rewards Program

Rewards Program (for COAGS graduates only)

$$ Make Extra Money $$

Long after graduation, the Colorado Outdoor Adventure Guide School (COAGS) continues to reward its graduates with opportunities to earn Extra Money while enjoying the great outdoors. For every student you send to COAGS we will reward you with a check for 10% of the Total Costs of Programs.

The COAGS Referral Program

Refer a student to COAGS and for every referral that becomes a student you will receive a check for 10% of Total Costs of Programs.  Make an extra $300 for each 2 week Program that anyone takes that you have REFERRED to COAGS.

It’s As Easy AS Talking To Your Friends

Make a list of all your friends who have the same passion about the great outdoors as you and ask them, “Who do you know that really enjoy hunting, fishing, backpacking or who do you know that want to be a professional outdoors guide?”. Would they be interested in attending COAGS? Its as easy as that! If you have ten friends and they each give you five names… now you have 50 prospects.

Local Gun and Archery Stores and Clubs

Approach your local gun and archery stores or clubs and offer to have a “Program About COAGS”.  Make a list of all interested prospects and let The COAGS staff do the rest. We will help you be successful.