Reasons to Become a Guide

Open your future to a new beginning!

An adventurous career holds excitement, leadership, challenge, risk taking, and rewards. It lets you see the world through probing eyes. It lets you imagine what’s on the other side of the mountain. It lets desire control your destiny. The depth of your quest is what drives you to seek, study, and follow your dreams. You take fate in your own hands and explore your options with a fresh promise. You experience what others can only recite—that work and play are one. Have courage; conquer your fears and uncertainties. Open your future to a new beginning!

  • Follow your dreams and your passion—have a career in the outdoors with nature
  • Work with people who love the things you treasure
  • Get paid to do something you would gladly do for free
  • Work where you want, when you want, and for whom you choose
  • Work in and travel to exotic places
  • Help preserve a positive environment
  • Be a leader of people looking to you for advice and expertise
  • Be an advocate for the sport, conservation, and ethics of the outdoors
  • Have a profession everyone envies and respects
  • Challenge yourself to be the best, to make a difference
  • Lead a healthy and exciting lifestyle
  • Make lots of deep, lasting friendships
  • Meet valuable business contacts from around the world
  • Take advantage of the opportunities—stay the course, grow, and pay your dues
  • Become the master of your fortune; become an outdoor recreation business owner

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