Whitetail Deer Hunting Guide

With over thirty-six million (36,000,000) whitetail deer and over twelve million (12,000,000) whitetail deer hunters, there is a huge demand for trained professional whitetail deer hunting guides. There has never been a better time to become a professional guide in this booming industry.

First and Only Whitetail Deer Hunting Guide Program

The COAGS Whitetail Deer Hunting Guide Program is your only choice to get the specific training needed to become a certified, professional whitetail deer hunting guide. This is the first and only vocational school program in the United States to specialize in whitetail deer guide training and to offer job placement assistance for its qualified graduates.

Also, if you just want to become a better outdoorsman and whitetail deer hunter, this program would be a wonderful “Education Vacation”.

Whitetail Deer Hunting Guide Curriculum

Overview of the Whitetail Deer Hunting Industry/Career Opportunities 2
Professional Guide Equipment 8
Food Plots, Herd Management, Nutrition, and Conservation 10
Hunting Stands, Stand Placement, and Shooting Lanes 4
Hunting and Scouting Techniques 10
Field Judging and Scoring 10
Big Game Hunt, Field Dressing/Care, Caping/Taxidermy 8
Upland Birds (Turkey, Quail, Doves) 4
First Aid/CPR Certification 8
Wilderness Survival 4
Orienteering (Maps, Compass, & GPS) 8
Camp Cooking 4
Shooting Sports and Safety (Rifle, Shotgun, Muzzleloader, Pistol, and Archery) 8
Outdoor & Wildlife Photography/Videography/Writing 4
Starting Your Own Business/Leadership and People Skills 8