Outdoor Guide Programs

COAGS conducts five programs each year for outdoor enthusiasts. We are also a proud supporter of the U.S. Army’s Wounded Warrior Program. Scroll down for a summary of each course. Click on any of the links below for more details.

Whitetail Deer Guide Program

(2 Weeks/100 Clock Hours)
Imagine yourself loving your job, being excited to get out of bed in the morning and anxious to go to work. You could be working in the outdoors with nature and be a professional guide for whitetail deer. The whitetail deer hunting industry is booming, with over thirty six million (36,000,000) whitetail deer and over twelve million (12,000,000) whitetail deer hunters. There is a huge demand for trained professional whitetail deer hunting guides. Your key to this door of opportunity is here. The Whitetail Guide Program is your only choice to obtain the specific training needed to become a certified and professional whitetail deer hunting guide. This is the first and only vocational school program in the U.S.A. to specialize in whitetail guide training and job placement assistance for its graduates. Come to Texas, the state with over four million (4,000,000) whitetail deer, one million hunting licenses sold annually, and warm winters. Experience this unique program that could change your life and lifestyle. In just two weeks of intensive training, you will know if a possible career change or a part time job working in the outdoors is for you. Also, if you just want to become a better outdoorsman and whitetail hunter, this program would be a wonderful “Education Vacation”. During most classes you will have the opportunity to hunt whitetail deer, quail, turkey, hogs, and fishing. Click here to learn more about the Whitetail Guide Program.

Basic Program

(2 Weeks/120 Clock Hours)
The Basic Program will teach you to master essential outdoor skills such as horsemanship, hiking and backpacking, orienteering (with a map, compass, and GPS), wilderness survival, camp cooking, outdoor photography, first aid, CPR, conservation, wilderness survival, and fly fishing. This program will also develop your leadership skills and ability to thrive in a positive atmosphere of teamwork.
Click here to learn more about:
Basic Professional Guide Program.
Basic Outdoor Adventure Education Program.

Hunting Guide Program

(2 Weeks/120 Clock Hours) The Professional Guide Program is what we consider a more in depth look at becoming a professional guide. The detailed hands on training will give you the necessary fundamentals to make your guiding dream come true. Topics include Guide Responsibilities, Equipment, Big Game Hunting, and many more. Click here to learn more about the Hunting Guide Program

Advanced Backcountry Horsemanship Program

(2 Weeks/120 Clock Hours)
The Advanced Backcountry Horsemanship Program is designed for the student mainly interested in improving their horsemanship skills in the back country setting. Structured around North American Trail Ride Conference rules, this curriculum is the best practical hands on training a student can receive in achieving their horsemanship goals. Topics include Guide Responsibilities, Equipment, Advanced Horsemanship and Packing, Night Riding and much more. Click here to learn more about the Advanced Back Country Horseman Program.

Fly Fishing Guide Program

(2 Weeks/120 Clock Hours) Professional Fly Fishing Guide Program is designed for the individual who is mainly interested in the fly fishing aspect of the outdoor recreation industry. Topics include Outfitter Guide Responsibilities, Equipment, River Basics, and Fly Fishing Basics. Click here to learn more about the Professional Fly Fishing Guide Program.

Visit the Course Schedule page to find the dates and times for your course of interest.

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