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Become A Professional Whitetail Deer Hunting Guide

Imagine yourself… loving your job… actually excited to get out of bed in the morning… anxious to go to work and getting paid to do it! You could be a professional guide for whitetail deer hunting and working in the outdoors with nature. If hunting and the outdoors is your passion, then the time is now.

Whitetail Deer Industry is Booming!

With over thirty-six million (36,000,000) whitetail deer and over twelve million (12,000,000) whitetail deer hunters, there is a huge demand for trained professional whitetail deer hunting guides. There has never been a better time to become a professional guide in this booming industry. Your key to this door of opportunity is here.

First and Only Whitetail Deer Hunting Guide Program

The COAGS Whitetail Deer Hunting Guide Program is your only choice to get the specific training needed to become a certified, professional whitetail deer hunting guide. This is the first and only vocational school program in the U.S.A. to specialize in whitetail deer guide training and to offer job placement assistance for it’s qualified graduates.

State Approved Program

The Whitetail Deer Hunting Guide Program is a state approved vocational training program of the Colorado Outdoor Adventure Guide School (COAGS). Imagine the possibilities! Experience this unique program that could change your life and lifestyle. In just two weeks of intensive training, you will know if a career change or a part time job working in the outdoors is for you.

Become A Better Outdoorsman

Also, if you just want to become a better outdoorsman and whitetail deer hunter, this program would be a wonderful “Education Vacation”.

For program details and class dates – click here .

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