Fly Fishing School Program

The Fly Fishing School Program is designed to give the student guide special training and qualification in the outdoor recreation industry. The program provides the students with experience and instruction to guide exciting and fruitful fishing trips. The program not only attracts people wanting to become guides, but also people looking to learn for personal enjoyemnt. The Basic Program is a prerequisite for this two week course (120 clock hours). Below are topics of instruction for the Fly Fishing School Program.

Fly Fishing Guide Responsibilities

4 hours

      • Client
      • Natural Resources
      • Personal
      • Camp/Lodging
      • Equipment/Stock
      • Lands/Waters

Code of Ethics

Responsibilities to:

US Forest Service and BLM use regulations

Private Land and Waters

Hunting/Fishing Laws and Regulations


Fly Fishing Guide Horsemanship and Packing

30 hours

      • Decker Pack Saddles
      • Sawbuck Saddles

Advanced Riding Lessons and Trail Rides

Horse/Mule Psychology and Training

Packing with Horses and Mules

Leading a Pack String

Horse/Mule First Aid

Nutrition and Care

Basic Horse Shoeing and Hoof Maintenance

Giving Shots, Medicines, and Worming

Professional Fly Fishing Guide Equipment

2 hours





Setting Up a Pack Trip

30 hours

      Packing Equipment and Supplies

Campsite Selection and Layout

Erecting Tents

Camp Safety and Hygiene

Keeping Horses in the Wilderness

Pack Trip

Small Stream Basics

10 hours

      Reading Water

Attractor Flies

Hopper and Dropper Fishing


Special Small Stream Casts


River Basics

10 hours

      Reading Water

Aquatic Entemology

Dry Flies


Wet Flies

Matching the Hatch

Dead Drift Nymphing


Fly Fishing Basics

6 hours

Click here for a recommended Packing List.

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